How can I place an order?

 There are 3 ways to order—on our website, by phone and email.

1. Website

Our website is the fastest way to order cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and other pastries for pick-up or delivery for small to medium sized orders. Order at oohlalasweets.com

2. Phone

Our Guest Service team is happy to help place your order and answer any questions by phone. The team can be reached at 281-391-2253 {Cinco Ranch} 281-492-6166 {Park Row}

3. Email

Our Guest Service team is happy to help place your order and answer any questions by email customorders@oohlalasweets.com For orders with custom decorations or larger orders please email vanessa@oohlalasweets.com

Custom Orders

  • Please place orders before 1 p.m. 2 full business days before needed. For Sunday and Monday orders please place by Thursday at 9 p.m.
  • Edible images are available for custom cake, cookie and cupcake orders with an additional cost using our edible printing system. Simply select any photograph, logo or artwork in jpg format and email at customorders@oohlalasweets.com We will review the image and email you back letting you know it was received. The image will need to be sent 48 hours in advance of your custom order.

How do I care for my product?

All of our product is best the day it’s purchased. If you need to store your product, do so with the following:

  • Refrigerated Product – store in refrigerator in provided package
  • Cupcakes & Cookies – We recommend doing so at room temperature in the box wrapped in cellophane or an airtight container
  • Cakes & Cheesecakes – See cake care below

Cake Care

To enjoy your Ooh La La cake, please follow these guidelines:

  • Cakes made with buttercream frosting or German chocolate frosting should be removed at least two hours prior to serving and no more than four hours prior to serving.
  • Cake made with cream cheese frosting are best served cold and should not sit out more than one hour before serving.
  • Cheesecakes should be served promptly after removing from refrigeration.

How late can I cancel an order?

  •  All orders except iced sugar cookies {see below} should be cancelled no later than 48 hours in advance to ensure you receive a full refund for your order. After that time, we are already preparing your order to be baked the next morning and will not be able to issue a refund for the order.
  •  Iced Sugar Cookie refunds

If I order in advance, can I order any of your cupcake flavors?

  • We can make all of our daily flavors and flavors of the day in any amount. If you order a flavor that is not part of the flavors of the day, you must order in increments of 1 dozen per

How far in advance do I need to place an order?

  •  Cupcakes-Jumbo and mini cupcakes should be ordered 24 hours in advance.
  • Cakes- All custom cakes need to be ordered 48 hours in advance by 1p.m.
  • Pies and Cheesecakes- Orders should be placed 24-36 hours in advance for flavors we offer on a daily basis. Seasonal and specialty flavors need to be ordered 48 hours in advance.
  • Cookies, Bars & Other Pastries- These items should be ordered 48 hours in advance by 1:00pm, but if a smaller quantity is ordered, they may be available in stock.

Can I order a custom cake or desserts for pick up tomorrow?

Our policy is that we require 2 full business days for custom orders, but often times we have items available in our bakery case ready to sell. Please call us at 291-391-2253 {Cinco Ranch} or 281-492-6166 {Park Row} to inquire.

If I want a previous special cupcake, macaron, cheesecake or other dessert, can I order those items? How much time is required?

  • For any previous special, we can recreate the item for you for the most part. We encourage you to contact the store or email vanessa@oohlalasweets.com. A minimum order quantity will be required and there may be a longer preparation time needed depending on the availability of any special ingredients.

Can I place an order for desserts on the same day that I need them?

  • Yes, you can order from our everyday flavor, single serve desserts-bars, cake, cheesecakes, cookies, cupcakes, pies and other pastries by calling or ordering through our website. You can also order ASAP single serve desserts through third party delivery service; door dash, drop off and favor. Order by calling 281-391-2253 {Cinco Ranch} or 281-492-6166 {Park Row} or ordering at oohlalasweets.com

Do you ship desserts by mail?

  • We do not ship desserts by mail at this time but hope to do so in the near future.

Can you do desserts for my wedding?

  • Yes, please email us at vanessa@oohlalasweets.com

Can you do custom decorations?

  • or contact the store to see how we can best serve you. or vanessa@oohlalasweets.com• There are many types of custom decorations that we can do, but we do not do artwork on cakes at this time. Please contact customorders@oohlalasweets.com

Do you sell any gluten free items?

Yes, we do offer a few gluten free items on a daily basis.

  • • French Macarons
  • • NY Cheesecake w/ Almond Crust
  • • Chocolate Chewy Cookie
  • • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • • Crème Brulee

All products could contain traces of nut/nut products, wheat/gluten products, soy products, eggs, dairy and other ingredients that are potential risk to those who suffer from food allergies. Please be aware that based on our preparation and kitchen set up, cross contamination could occur between ingredients.

Do you offer any KETO, Sugar-Free and Vegan products?

  • We are excited to say that we have Keto friendly cheesecake in the store everyday.
  • We are working on other Keto options. 
  • At this time, we do not offer any items that are vegan friendly 
  • We also offer, by custom order only, sugar free apple pie

Do you deliver?

Yes. You can download the apps Door Dash and Favor which offer third party delivery of our baked good based on same day quantities available.

We will also deliver larger orders {A $100 minimum purchase order is required} by an Ooh La La representative for an additional fee. We will deliver within a 60-mile radius of our kitchen. Available 7 days per week. Although, there is an additional charge for after-hour {6p.m. or later}, weekend and holiday deliveries.

Return Policy

All products are guaranteed to be fresh and should be inspected immediately upon pick up at Ooh La La or acceptance of delivery from Ooh La La.

We take the utmost pride in the products that we produce. But if for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, immediately notify us {within 48 hours of pick-up or delivery} of your concern and return your products to us with receipt and reasonable explanation of the dissatisfaction for store credit or a replacement order of the same value as soon as possible after we have investigated your complaint. Though we always stand behind the quality of our products, we realize people’s taste do vary and cannot offer refunds because an order is not to someone’s individual taste.